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Simon Pieters zcorpan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 15:24:24 PDT 2010

On Wed, 08 Sep 2010 23:54:31 +0200, Alastair Campbell <ac at alastc.com>  

> On 8 Sep 2010, at 20:52, Brenton Strine wrote:
>> Thanks, but I'm not looking for generic information on HTML5 elements,
>> but rather I'm particularly trying to find some help in understanding
>> content models (especially flow content).
> That's covered in "Introducing HTML5", chapter 2. I'd assume it's  
> covered in HTML5 for Web designers as well, but I haven't read that.
> It's not that different, block and inline are (in terminology) replaced  
> by 'flow' and 'phrasing'.

Not quite. Flow is (roughly) block *and* inline (like %flow in the HTML4  

> Additionally there are 'heading' and 'sectioning' content types that are  
> subsets.
> I'm not sure that the content model has much effect apart from default  
> rendering?

It doesn't have any effect on default rendering at all. The rendering  
section covers default rendering. The content model governs what kind of  
content is allowed as children/descendants of a given element. For  
instance, the content model for <html> is:

Content model:
    A head element followed by a body element.

Simon Pieters

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