[html5] <nav> for external links?

Micky Hulse mickyhulse.lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 18:55:21 PDT 2011


I am starting to learn my way around the new HTML5 tags and I had some
questions about the <nav> tag.

Based on what I have been reading around the net, the <nav> should
only be used for internal site linking. Is this true?

My situation:

I am building a template for a 3rd-party site which takes on our
site's branding... Unfortunately, the links have to be absolute in
order for users to get back to our main site.

Due to the external linking, would <nav> be a no-no?

If it is not recommended to use <nav> in this situation, should I just
use a normal div container?

This is for site-wide navigation, for the 3rd-party, so I do plan on
putting it inside of a <header> element... Which appears to not be a
problem. :)

Just looking for some professional insight.



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