[html5] <nav> for external links?

Jacob Kristensen admin at blueboden.com
Tue Apr 26 19:18:34 PDT 2011

Nav is intended for internal, navigational links. Which includes links for
the about page, privacy policy, etc.
It may also apply when linking to sections and subsections on a page. I.e.
from a contents list somewhere on the same domain, as well as when linking
to other pages on the same domain.

You don't nesseserily have to use anything, but you might want to include an
additional wrapping div, until people actually start to use Browsers that
can render the new elements.
I wouldn't personally care about IE anymore, since Microsoft is cutting off
support for older versions of Windows. (They do, unlike most of us, have the
money to do things themselves.)

I'd still use a ol, just to keep the list contained in something.

Jacob Kristensen

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