[html5] Offline apps

Ilkka Huotari ilkkah at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 14:44:39 PDT 2011

Ok. Thank you.

> but not the actual page itself.

Hmm. Does this mean that pages, that are dynamic, should not ever be
cached? I mean... if they are cached, this problem can arise where the
(old version of the) page comes from the cache?

I have understood (and from the brief experiment it seems to be so)
that the homepage is cached even though I list only static resources
in the manifest file? Doesn't this lead to this problem? At least I
seemed to have this problem where it was coming from the cache, even
though it wasn't listed in the manifest, and I got the old version.

I don't mean to be offending, btw. If I'm too direct, it just means
that I'm trying to get my message across and hopefully being corrected


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