[html5] Offline apps

Ilkka Huotari ilkkah at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 19:28:12 PDT 2011

To summarize my ideas/problems so far:

- I would like to load certain pages from the web server when I'm
online (i.e. not from the cache).
- If I'm offline, I would like to load these same pages from the cache.
- Not sure if the above is supposed to be possible with the appcache mechanism.

- Pages are shown from the cache to user even when the user is online.
This seems a bit unnecessary, especially if I have defined
"Cache-Control: no-cache" for the said pages.
- Pages are cached/shown from the cache even if I put them into
network section. I really don't understand why, is this a bug in

Also, the manifest file change isn't really solving these problems,
imo, because it means that multiple page page loads are needed until
the change is shown.

I do have Cache-Control: no-cache in the dynamically generated pages
right now, just to make sure that http caching isn't affecting this.


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