[html5] Offline apps

Ilkka Huotari ilkkah at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 18:56:21 PDT 2011

> # NETWORK Resources are pages that require the user to be online.

I forgot about "network". But... well, I'm still struggling.

My cache.manifest looks something like this:
# "/" is supposed to mean the homepage. the homepage shows a bunch of
pages stored in the system.
# this shows "deleted pages"

# and some other static files

...However, in Chrome 12, all of those pages in the network section
seem to get cached.

Also, I tried this:

...But the same thing happens, those "dynamic" pages get cached.

Making a change into cache.manifest file and reloading seems to help
to some extent, but I often need to reload 2-4 times until I see the
change. Also, in Firefox 4, for some reason, when I had explicitly
listed the 4 pages, I didn't see the change at all, only cached pages.
With * in the network section the reload helped.

Is this really supposed to be happening? Does the user need to load
page twice or more until the change is shown?


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