[html5] is <section> the appropriate tag for the main content section of a page?

Jonathan Zuckerman j.zuckerman at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 11:27:10 PDT 2011

Is <section> the right tag for the main content section of a page?
(in other words, the element that would get the role="main" aria attrib:

I'd like to use the new tags where it's appropriate but I'm concerned that
putting the primary content of the page inside one of the sectioning
elements will suggest that it's a sub-section of the overall document, and
therefore the heading tags inside it will not apply to the document as a
whole but just to that section, and all the other implications that
sectioning brings with it.

Practically, my concern is for presentation to search-engines, but I'm
curious about the semantics in this case as well, so please let me know if
you have any thoughts on the matter.

-- Jonathan Zuckerman
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