[html5] Editor for specifications and request to start HTML 5 user groups

Saurabh Jain saurabh at skjworld.com
Mon May 16 04:48:19 PDT 2011


I would like to offer my time to be an editor for companion specifications.
I came across WHATWG request for editors  on
http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/Companion_specifications. I have written India's
first book on J2ME and have been into HTML 5 and cloud computing for last
few years. I would like to edit a specification like any CSS extention,
registries, JS Changes, Animated GIFs or API for syntax highlighting.

My background is into mobile gaming, j2me, web architectures, user
interfaces and finance related software. JavaScript, user interfaces,
scalable architectures are my forte. So you can tell me which of the above
referred topics you can make me an editor off. You may also refer any other
topics to me based on my experience profile. Also let me know
the responsibilities and benefits of being an editor. Also  will this be
directly under WHATWG or will it be under W3C etc. Do give me some idea of
the amount of time I will have to devote so that I can schedule for that
time accordingly.

Also I would like to start HTML 5 user groups in India and specially in and
around Delhi area. Is there any official WHATWG or W3C user group list or
support program for user groups. Would you people be able to provide us any
help with respect to speakers. I can speak on HTML 5 for hours and have been
taking OpenClass events and mentoring sessions regularly on HTML 5, Social
Media Marketing and Cloud Computing. I am also the founder of the Amazon Web
Services User Group Delhi NCR. Amazon is sending its speaker for the event
on 15th May in my office in Delhi. I have the proper infrastructure for
 hosting user group events in Delhi. I also have requisite knowledge for
speaking at such user groups events and marketing such user group events.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Saurabh Jain
SKJ Technologies Private Limited
Author : Mobile Phone Programming using Java ME (J2ME)
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