[html5] Editor for specifications and request to start HTML 5 user groups

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Mon May 16 12:57:15 PDT 2011

On Mon, 16 May 2011, Saurabh Jain wrote:
> I would like to offer my time to be an editor for companion specifications.
> I came across WHATWG request for editors  on
> http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/Companion_specifications. I have written India's
> first book on J2ME and have been into HTML 5 and cloud computing for last
> few years. I would like to edit a specification like any CSS extention,
> registries, JS Changes, Animated GIFs or API for syntax highlighting.


If you would like to edit CSS specifications, your best plan is to contact 
www-style at w3.org, the mailing list at the W3C where CSS is discussed.

If you're interested in working on registries, the easiest way to start is 
probably to start filling in this page based on what MIME types people 
are actually using in the wild:


This would involve doing some research to find out what types are common, 
documenting what the types mean and whether they're widely used or only 
supported by a limited set of tools (or indeed only used by one tool), and 
finding links to further documentation for the formats.

Once we have a lot of documented types, the idea is to start submitting 
registration requests to the IANA MIME type registry to get the IANA 
registry up to speed.

If you are looking at working on JavaScript, the best place to start is 
contacting the TC-39 working group:


If you are interested in writing a specification for Animated GIFs, the 
best place to start is probably reverse engineering how existing browsers 
and image editors handle animated GIFs, and documenting it in a public 
document. You are welcome to use the WHATWG wiki for this if you like. 

If you would like to work on a specification for a syntax highlighting API 
for Web-based text editors (using <textarea> or contenteditable="") the 
best thing to do is to start prototyping how such an API would work. I 
recommend working with Aryeh (AryehGregor in #whatwg on Freenode IRC), who 
is working on other editing aspects at the moment.

> Also let me know the responsibilities and benefits of being an editor.

Reponsibilities: Reverse-engineering existing implementations and working 
with implementors to make sure the specs match reality is the main one.

Benefits: I find it fun. I don't know about other people. :-)

> Also will this be directly under WHATWG or will it be under W3C etc.

The W3C may be interested. You're certainly welcome to use the WHATWG 
services; should it be helpful, I can also set up new mailing lists or 
provide hosting for specs on the WHATWG site.

> Do give me some idea of the amount of time I will have to devote so that 
> I can schedule for that time accordingly.

There's basically an infinite amount of work, so it can take as much time 
as you want.

> Also I would like to start HTML 5 user groups in India and specially in 
> and around Delhi area. Is there any official WHATWG or W3C user group 
> list or support program for user groups.

There's no programme set up as far as I know, but if you would like to 
start one that would be fantastic. I'd be very happy to provide logistical 
support in terms of mailing lists for coordinating between user groups, 
sharing advice, and so forth, or Web sites, or whatever such a group 
needs. Let me know how I can help.

> Would you people be able to provide us any help with respect to 
> speakers.

This page may be of use:


However, if you would like to make a wider call you are welcome to post on 
the WHATWG blog or Twitter feed. Give us a shout on the aforementioned IRC 
channel and someone will set you up.

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