[html5] Template questions...

Micky Hulse mickyhulse.lists at gmail.com
Sun May 15 16:46:51 PDT 2011

Hi Ricardo! Thanks so much for your help and example code, I really
appreciate it! :)

See my replies inline below.

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Ricardo Tomasi <ricardobeat at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nothing wrong with wrapping time in <h3> if it's part of the heading, like a
> subtitle. that's why we have hgroup. But It doesn't make much sense to have
> an article element without any actual content, just a header. If it's a list
> of articles, not the articles themselves, you should use an unordered list.
> The article tag should be able to be extracted from the page and retain it's
> meaning.

Ahhh, great point! I did not think of that.

In this case, I was not planning on having any of the article body on
the "index" page, so I really like your idea of using an unordered
list. :)

> One thing is definitely wrong: you can't put block-level elements (h1, h2,
> hgroup) inside an inline one - <a>.

Ahh, that makes sense! I thought I had read somewhere that links can
now wrap other block level elements. Thanks for clarifying this for
me. :)

> You can style the new elements by their tags if you apply the html5
> shiv. Here's what I think this should look
> like: https://gist.github.com/973657


Thanks so much for the help and code sample! I really  appreciate it. :)

Have a great day.


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