[html5] html5 novice seeking guidance

Jochen Wiedmann jochen.wiedmann at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 07:13:36 PDT 2011


I've got some 15 years of experience with elder versions of HTML,
JavaScript, and CSS. Now I'd like to approsch a new project and hope,
that this could be done with HTML5. However, as I imagine that there
is a real lot of new technology to learn, I'd like to ask for
guidance, if only to find thAe right documentation and samples as
quick as possible.b

What 'I'd like to do is a little fame, WHich works as folllows:
- The screen is initially empty. When the game starts, the screen is
filled with random numbers, on random positions (preferrably no grid,
or the like, but truly random), in random sizes, colors, and styles
(inverted or not, bold, or not, italic, or not).
- The users task is to remove those numbers by left clicking on the
odd numbers and right clicking on the even numbers (or vice versa).
- When some numbers have been removed, the empty portions of the
screen are again randomly refilled.

Trying to rephrase the above in  a set of questions:

- Can I do filling the screen in  HTML5. If so, are there any samples
or docs availabLE that show me how to randomly place pictures or text
in a predefined area of the HTML page?
- How do i detect, if the user clicks on those numbers, distinguished
by left and right click? Again, any samples or docs?
- Can I start some thread or background task that cares for the
refilling (that thread would also declare the game over after some

Thanks , and sorry for stealing your time,in advance,


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