[html5] Basic question on some html5 tags

Aen Tan hello at aentan.com
Mon Feb 27 03:51:19 PST 2012

It's more for correctness / semantics. Like calling the two pieces of rubber you wear on your feet flip flops instead of rubber. As for their usefulness, I don't really see any. SEO? How about focusing on user experience and making a useful product? Also to get them to work in older browsers you need workarounds like Modernizr which adds extra kilobytes.

I still use DIVs and don't see myself using HTML5 elements any soon.

Aen Tan
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On Feb 27, 2012, at 7:37 PM, TD wrote:

> Hi every body,
> although I'm an experienced web developer, I'm new at html5 and I'm trying to improve my skills in it.
> I have discovered the following tags: header and footer.
> While I understand that these tags help to structure the content of our pages - which is always a good thing -, I don't really understand their usefulness.
> Is it for accessiblity reasons: is it used by some special software?
> Is it for seo reasons: is our content better referenced if we use it?
> Are there some other reasons that make it really useful and enough important to give up old way of structuring code:(<div id="header">, <div id="footer"> etc ...) 
> Best regards,
> Tanoor. 
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