[html5] validator.nu Web GUI -- How to validate against XHTML5?

jama jamappi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 00:42:03 PST 2012

On 06.11.2012 09:30, Michael[tm] Smith wrote:
> Actually I realize now that upstream http://validator.nu/ does that as 
> expected. The bad behavior you're seeing is only in the W3C Nu 
> validator and so is a bug that I need to figure out the cause of and 
> fix. Sorry that you had to be the one to discover it but I will try to 
> get a fix made asap so that others don't get bit by it.

I tried http://validator.nu/ now and I'm getting a very strange error 
there too. I checked two *identical* files against the XHTML5 preset. 
The only difference is that one file I named .html and the other .xhtml. 
The .xhtml one would validate just as expected, but the .html one would 
give me this error:

IO Error: Non-XML Content-Type: |text/html|.

Are you sure that the validator at http://validator.nu/ works as 
intended? It seems to me this one falls back to checking the file 
extension as well. (Or maybe I'm doing something wrong here.)

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