[html5] 4.01 vs XHTML

Jacob Kristensen admin at blueboden.com
Mon Oct 15 09:44:51 PDT 2012

I think its important to note that HTML5 is W3Cs attempt at continuing a 
pointless versioning. It doesn't matter that HTML5 is not yet 
standardized, applications already support new features to varying degree.

If you are using XHTML, then you should do so because there is a clear 
benefit, something not possible with HTML. Not to get better at your coding!

Including all the things required by XHTML does not make the page any 
better, in fact, it can sometimes be a serious optimization issue. HTML 
is better when it comes to optimization, because you can also leave out 
all the irrelevant elements -- Google are known to do this, likely to 
minimize bandwidth usage. A lot of sites is doing it to some degree. 
When redirecting www to non-www, it is very common to place a single 
script block, or paragraph with a link, which will handle the redirect 
in case the browser doesn't follow the directions given in the location 

The version of HTML you are using is also Irrelevant, it is to be 
recommended that new pages use the new HTML doctype.
Generally, you will be able to use new elements right away. Unknown 
elements, or elements not yet supported in the Browser, would be styled 
with /display/:/inline /by default -- so depending on the element you 
may need to change this to get them to work correctly in certain 
browsers.Some features will require more than this to work, but *when* 
something /is/ or /isn't/ supported should be easy to find out./

>you could use the 'nav' tag, for example, to put any kind of information in, rather than navigation pointers.
>I'm not sure where this notionthat these things are 'semantic' comes from -- certainly not from anyonewho has looked at a dictionary definition of the word! :-)

Using nav for things not intended would be wrong, just as doing so with tables today would be considered wrong.

Jacob Kristensen -- BlueBoden

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