[html5] Could HTML5 apps replace Desktop apps?

Victor Martínez martinezsantiagovictor at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 14:19:29 PDT 2012

I'm well aware that HTML5 is a conjunction of three parts, html5, css, and
js. Back to the main point. There are a lot of powerful HTML5/JS apps out
there, there are even Photoshop like apps that are really powerful. As for
hardware acceleration, browsers like Chrome and some builds of Firefox are
adding JS acceleration, even utilizing the GPU in some cases with webGl and
it seams to be going rather well. I see a lot of advantages to having Web
apps, one of them is that you can access them anywhere without having to
install anything additional than a browser. There's even an online IDE
called Cloud 9. http://c9.io/ It's rather good, but lacks some features and
its auto-complete feature is not that good, but I bet that will get better
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