[html5] W3C doc links? Shortcut urls?

Jonathan Chetwynd jay at peepo.com
Fri Aug 9 05:09:01 PDT 2013


nice catch, dont believe W3 do.
is as close as I know of...

bear in mind, w3 maybe more complex than php, and there are certainly 
conflicts, where the same word is used by different groups and has 
different meanings,
even if only due to the differing context; and of course resolution of 
such conflicts is further work....

none the less, it's worth filing an enhancement request.

perhaps on a per group basis?
as in



Jonathan Chetwynd
The Picameral eyetracker

On 09/08/13 08:35, Micky Hulse wrote:
> What I'm looking for is like PHP.net shortcut:
> <http://php.net/echo>
> Do any of the HTML5 specifications out there have a short URL link to
> the official/latest longer URL version of any one element
> type/attribute/other?
> Thank you!
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