[html5] Using <section> and <h1> … Theoretical?

Chris Rockwell chris at chrisrockwell.com
Thu May 8 19:33:53 PDT 2014

Maybe this thread will shed some light on the reasoning behind recommending
against it : http://webaim.org/discussion/mail_thread?thread=6343&id=25219

Hope it helps!
On May 8, 2014 10:14 PM, "Micky Hulse" <mickyhulse.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Judith! Thanks for reply. :)
> On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 6:33 PM, Judith <judith at desplechin.com> wrote:
> > You can use <main> and then nest <section>s and or <article>s within the
> <main>you would have the <h1> in the main and <h2> within the other
> elements . And other headings if needed. The <main> can only be use once
> per page and cannot include any info that is repeated on another page.
> That makes sense to me.
> Normally, the way I code up HTML5 docs, based on what I've read/seen
> elsewhere, is to use <section>, <article>, <footer>, other and use
> <h1> to kick off the top level heading for the elements … if there's
> nested sections (or other) then I'll reset the headings and start with
> <h1> again.
> I've recently used <main> on a personal project (it's on the page only
> once).
> I guess I was surprised to see people rallying against the usage of
> what I thought was the "standard" way to mark up HTML5 documents.
> A part of me kinda got the vibe that, at least in Steve's case, he was
> kinda anti whatwg, and maybe stuck a little bit in the HTML4 world.
> OTOH, I get his/their points about it being "theoretical". I also
> understand what they mean when refering to SEO and screen readers.
> But, isn't the point of using HTML5 "now" to help motivate browser and
> screen reader companies get "on board" with the future way of doing
> things?
> If no one used <section> and <h1>, then there would be no reason to
> change. We'd all be stuck using HTML4 markup.
> Maybe I'm just missing the point of those articles?
> Am I making a mountain out of a molehill here? :D
> Too much coffee?
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