[html5] Suggestion to close this list

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 23 10:47:03 PDT 2017

Anne van Kesteren composed on 2017-08-23 18:38 (UTC+0200):

> Since the traffic on this list is extremely low and there's a bit of
> work involved in keeping it running I suggest we discontinue it in
> favor of Stack Overflow, which has provided a reasonable forum for
> folks to ask questions about WHATWG standards in a way that's much
> better indexed and searchable.

> Any objections?

Same objections as presented to dev-mdc at lists.mozilla.org,
dev-mdn at lists.mozilla.org and mozilla-mdn at lists.mozilla.org earlier this year
when they were proposed to be and eventually shut down in favor of
https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/ .

I wrote the following at that proposal time on the dev-mdc list:

No pure web-based discourse has ever offered me anything approaching much if any
of the following, much less all of it, as provided by email:

1-optimum composition & reading window sizes (fully controllable by me)
2-optimum composition & reading text size (medium, as pre-selected by me)
3-optimum text leading (as decided by the creator of the font I selected)
4-optimum contrast (black on white, rather than gray on off-white or worse)
5-predictable copy/paste actions
6-standardized reply quoting behavior
7-unadulterated threading
8-absence of distractions encircling the composition or reading areas or popping
up based on some action I take while composing or reading

In email, I get to keep my focus on the job at hand. Email composition and
management are pleasures rather the chores that are filling in typical web forms
and navigating web discourse. Making email go away will make me go away. Either
A or B would be fine with me.

>From what others wrote there I can add the following:

A-Mousetype and gray text make forums functionally exclusionary.[1][2]
B-Email I've saved is much more easily searchable than the web.
C-Yet another username and password, maybe not such a big deal for people using
only a computer or two, more troublesome for those who work among many.
D-inline replying in web forms very clumsy or impossible
E-clumsy to forward a forum message to someone via email

I have yet to register or read anything at discourse.mozilla-community.org.

[1] http://fm.no-ip.com/Inet/grayurls5.html
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