[Imps] Test cases for parsing spec

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Wed Dec 6 18:17:43 PST 2006

Ian Hickson wrote:
> What I need is a description of exactly what [2] should be for any given 
> DOM. I don't have any descriptions. The test files are all (in my case) 
> exactly one line long, and so it would probably be best if there was a way 
> to include a bunch of tests in one file.

Particularly if we are intending these test cases to be used by multiple 
tools, we should try to document them; possibly with prose, preferably 
with connections back to actual sections in the specification.



If you click on a section, you will see the set of test cases.  On that 
page is a link back to the relevant section in the specification.  In 
many cases, you can guess what the test does simply by looking at the 
test cases name.  If you click on the test there is further 
documentation (depending on your browser, you may need to view source to 
get past the mandatory "do you want to subscribe?")

- Sam Ruby

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