[Imps] [ANN] Father Christmas is a bit early this year…

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 27 16:24:34 PST 2006

Thomas Broyer wrote:
> Some are reported as errors for now because of how I'm "emitting"
> tokens. For example, I always report parse errors before the token
> currently being parsed is "emitted" (this makes "Unfinished comment"
> fail), and I never "emit" a sequence of "Character" tokens (this makes
> some tests on entities fail).
I think some convention for the test suite is needed here; it seems like 
we are failing some of your new tests because the parse errors come in 
the "wrong" order. Is just counting errors enough?
> Unless someone has a better idea (e.g. changing the test suite), I'll
> work on my JSON->C# test code generator to merge consecutive
> "Character" tokens and reorder "ParseError" tokens.
I agree with the merging consecutive character tokens; our test harness 
does that both for the expected and recieved character tokens. Therefore 
I would suggest changing the tests so all the tests with consecutive 
character tokens have a single merged token. The only issue to be wary 
of is that the treebuilder treats space and non-space characters 
differently so most(?) implementations will want to emit seperate tokens 
for those cases.

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