[imps] Tree-construction tests format

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Sat Oct 13 07:50:19 PDT 2007

Henri Sivonen wrote:
> On Oct 12, 2007, at 21:34, ryan wrote:
>> Given how easy it was for me to mess it up, I think we should let the
>> format be more flexible.
> I don't like making the custom format more flexible (i.e. non- 
> streamable). It would work nicely for languages whose design and  
> programming culture are ok with slurp IO, byte strings and liberal  
> use of heap space and regexps on bytes. However, it wouldn't be as  
> nice for languages like Java that promote streaming IO and don't have  
> flexible byte strings or byte-oriented regexps.

In html5lib/ruby/test/preamble.rb, there is a line which states

   key = heading

Immediately before that line, there could be an assertion that

   !key or sections.index(key) > sections.index(heading)

or somesuch.

- Sam Ruby

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