[imps] setting up, and keeping up, the html5 validator.nu java servlet

john gale john at smadness.com
Wed Aug 4 13:55:42 PDT 2010

Hi ~

I succeeded in setting up the standalone html5 validator.nu java servlet on Mac OS X Server 10.6 (SnowLeopard) in concert with a checked out copy of the W3C validator.  Things seem to work well.

I'd like to keep the webserver running automatically, and I'm trying to find the most reliable way to do so.  Running the "python build/build.py run" command starts up the java server, but it seems to exit as soon as return is pressed in the terminal window.  Additionally, the python process seems to start and replace itself with the java process which causes setting up a launchd (cron-like) job to keep it running futile, since launchd sees the python process exit and tries to restart it.

Is there a recommended way of making the java webserver start at login, and continue running in the background?  launchd is the most supported way to go on Mac OS X, but something in the java code is quitting itself, possibly when it realized there's no STDIN, or something in the launchd environment is being hostile to the servlet keeping itself running.  A launchd plist shoved into /Library/LaunchDaemons doesn't keep the servlet running, and the KeepAlive launchd plist flag just continuously restarts the process every few seconds.  There are no real log messages anywhere, which is what's making me think the java servlet is quitting itself because of something in its environment.


	~ john

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