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I've also posted this on bugzilla.validator.nu. It's bug #839.

The current HTTP header validation on Validator.nu seems too strict. While 
I realize there are a vast array of meta name="" headers, there are a few 
I'd like to see permitted.

These include meta tag verification for the major search engines -- 
name="verify-v1" for Google, name="y_key" for Yahoo, name="msvalidate.01" 
for Bing. It is true, of course, that each search engine does provide 
alternative means of verification, but not permitting the most widely used 
means of verification is problematic. This is also true for all pages that 
use name="robots", name="googlebot", name="msnbot", name="slurp", etc meta 
tags rather than an external robots.txt file.

Registering geo meta tags is of assistance with mobile and local search. 
These include name="geo.placename", name="geo.position", and 
name="geo.region". This could also be said for the ICBM meta tag.

I'd like to see the name="copyright" meta tag registered.

In addition, I'd suggest some recognition for the SafeSurf Internet Rating 
Standard. Please see http://www.safesurf.com/ssplan.htm for further 



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