[imps] Installinmg a local copy of validator.nu

Michael[tm] Smith mike at w3.org
Thu Nov 17 09:55:00 PST 2011

Martin Sharratt <Martin.Sharratt at uwe.ac.uk>, 2011-11-17 10:41 +0000:

> I've tried to download the correct link using my browser with no success.
> We've got several thousand users behind a proxy server which only
> presents one IP address to the world so I guess it's possible that
> someone in the University has been making excessive requests for DTD's.

The DTDs are served with an Expires header that's one year in the future.
So if your proxy is properly configured, it would already have a cached
copy of that DTD, and would be serving the DTD from that cache instead of
(re)hitting the W3C site to get it, and would only be checking back for it
once a year. So if your proxy is not properly caching those DTDs, and is
ignoring that Expires header and re-requesting the DTD more than once a
year, I would think it's probably also not caching other things that it
should be, and you'd probably want to check on that and get it fixed.

> Do W3C operate any sort of appeal system?

I have been talking to the W3C systems team about it. If you can send me
the IP address for you proxy and can ask them to look into it.


Michael[tm] Smith

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