[imps] validator front end not talking to servlet

Michael[tm] Smith mike at w3.org
Thu Apr 18 15:52:52 PDT 2013

"Michael[tm] Smith" <mike at w3.org>, 2013-04-19 07:34 +0900:

> Rancid Iodine <rancid.iodine at gmail.com>, 2013-04-18 18:13 +0100:
> > Michael once said to me to get rid of the legacy w3c validator altogether
> > (considering the validator.nu does a better job validating any version of
> > HTML), but we're in a corporate "situation" here wherein I'm told they will
> > not accept any validator unless it has a "w3c" stamped on it's forehead ...
> > which validator.nu does not have.
> The W3C instance at http://validator.w3.org/nu/ does. Even the URL alone does.
> http://validator.w3.org/nu/about.html makes it quite clear that it's an
> official W3C product/service -- the "W3C Nu Markup Validator". I'm not sure
> what more I could do to stamp "W3C" on it clearly.

Note that if you want to run the service locally with the W3C branding, you
just need to start it with the --w3cbranding option, like this:

  ./build/build.py --w3cbranding

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