[whatwg] Web Forms 3.0?

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 3 08:17:20 PDT 2004

    I've seen the name "Web Forms 3.0" thrown around several times. It's 
obviously a follow-up for WF2 in some way, but it's not on the WHAT WG 
Specifications page, and there doesn't appear to be any information on 
how it relates to WAML1 or WC1. There is also little explanation as to 
why features suggested for WF2 are being bumped to this future WF3 

    I would appreciate it if WHATWG members would define clearly what 
the purpose of WF3 is, how it relates to all existing specifications and 
what the timetable is for its development, last call, implementation in 
browsers, et cetera.

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