[whatwg] Re: WEB_FORMS 2.0 comment, repetition model, using reserved macro scripting syntax

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Mon Aug 23 03:42:40 PDT 2004

>>>> 4. Square brackets are still pretty bad. You can't have them in
>>>> an attribute of type ID
>>> You can, you just can't have them there if you have a DTD and a 
>>> validating parser.
>> Without a DTD and a validating parser, the concept of an undefined
>> attribute on an undefined element having an undefined type pretty
>> much allows you to do whatever UA vendors happen to have
>> implemented, yes.
> The attribute, element, and type are all defined. Just because they
> are defined by prose instead of by DTD doesn't mean that anything is
> any less defined. If anything, it's more defined, since, as I keep
> pointing out, DTDs are unable to describe most of the conformance
> criteria here.
> In any case, "[" and "]" are now valid in IDs according to the WF2
> SGML declaration, apparently:
> http://syntax.whatwg.org/sgml/html5core+wf2/pre1/declaration
> Doesn't help in XML, but in XML DTDs aren't needed at all anyway, so
> the point is largely moot.

Maybe xml-editor at w3.org could be mailed to address this issue? If they 
accept it as a valid issue 'xs:ID' will eventually change, right?

  Anne van Kesteren

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