[whatwg] Accesskey in Web Forms 2

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Aug 24 14:25:05 PDT 2004

Matthew Raymond wrote:
> Matthew Thomas wrote:

>> There might be cases where a prompt is not the worst possible solution 
>> to an interface design problem. But I don't think this is one of them.
>    I've made other suggestions, like having an "access key mode", but 
> I've heard little regarding these suggestions, and no one seems to be 
> coming up with any other ideas.

FWIW, some time ago I implemented some extensions for Firefox (0.9 
series only) which implement a sidebar indicating the accesskeys defined 
in the current  document  [1] and implement an 'accesskeys mode' which 
is invoked with ; (semi-colon) or ctrl+; [2]. The former suffers greatly 
from the general poor quality of markup which makes extracting 
descriptions of the accesskeys from the markup difficult. The latter 
isn't particularly intuitive to use.

You may find conflicts with a few other extensions. Bug reports are much 

[1] http://www-jcsu.jesus.cam.ac.uk/~jg307/mozilla/extensions/accesskeys.xpi
[2] http://www-jcsu.jesus.cam.ac.uk/~jg307/mozilla/extensions/akayt.xpi

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