[whatwg] Incremental rendering of forms

Olav Junker Kjær olav at olav.dk
Thu Dec 2 11:37:11 PST 2004

 > > I see the point of this feature in this use case, however couldn't
 > > the same effect be achieved by having just a single form and no
 > > form-attributes, but different action-attributes on the three submit
 > > buttons?
 > In this case, yes, but in the broader case where some fields in the
 > form are required, that wouldn't work (you'd need to fill in the whole
 > form before you could submit the lookup part).

But then it might as well be e.g. the product code that was required, 
and in that case you couldnt submit the lookup-form using the multiple 
form solution.

Olav Junker Kjær

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