[whatwg] Working this summer

Yan Morin yansanmo at iquebec.com
Sun Dec 12 22:39:19 PST 2004

Just to say two things that my employer ask me this summer:

1. Customize the <input type="file"> button and text field, maybe a
  <input type="file" />
  <filebutton><img /> or text</filebutton>

2. Use a multi-column drop down for a list:
<input type="text" list="tableDropDown" />
<datalist id="tableDropDown" size="10">
  <col useAs="value" style="display:none;" />
  <col useAs="label" />
  <col />
  <col />
  <thead><!-- this is the non-obligatory table header -->
   <tr><th>Value</th><th>Left Label</th><th>Info 1</th><th>Info 2</th></tr>
   <tr><td>1</td><td>A</td><td>Letter A</td><td>Lettre A</td></th>
   <tr><td>2</td><td>B</td><td>Letter B</td><td>Lettre B</td></th>
   <tr><td>3</td><td>C</td><td>Letter C</td><td>Lettre C</td></th>

The size="10" attribute should display a maximum of 10 rows (when 
popup). When there is more than 10, it create a vertical scrollbar on 
the tbody only.

Yan Morin

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