[whatwg] Working this summer

Yan Morin yansanmo at iquebec.com
Mon Dec 13 09:35:08 PST 2004

Olav Junker Kjær wrote:
> Yan Morin wrote:
>> 1. Customize the <input type="file"> button and text field, maybe a
> Cool, but the problem here is security. If it is possible to customize 
> (and therefore disguise) the file upload widget, it might be easier to 
> trick users into uploading files. So while this is a cool feature, I 
> dont think it will ever be allowed.
Maybe it could be a security level inside the browser, but they should 
be a way to customize it with CSS. I don't know how a client could be 
trick when you ask him to choose a file with a button that can always 
change between browser. Konqueror show an icon, firefox a text button 
(that could not be in the good language), lynx don't show any button.
The file chooser window shouldn't be customizable, only the button and 
the text area since it is directly inside the view window area.

>> 2. Use a multi-column drop down for a list:
> Is it just a presentation issue, where you want the options to be shown 
> in two columns instead of one? Then it could be part of the CSS 
> extensions to Web Forms (which are not part of the WF2 spec, but will be 
> in a future spec (I think?)). Also the size attribute you propose could 
> be part of the CSS extensions, but shouldn't be an attribute since its 
> presentational.
> Olav Junker Kjær
I don't want to show the options in two columns, three or multiple 
columns. I want to have the value in one column, the displayed text 
inside another column, and more information columns beside that is 
directly related to the text column.

| New York     |V|  <-- input  with a table link and a down arrow
| City          | State | Country | | <--- header of the table
| Montreal      |  QC   | Canada  |A| <-- top arrow of the scroll
|>New York     <|  NY   | US      | | <-- selected row
| Washington    |  DC   | US      |X| <-- cursor scroll
| San Francisco |  CA   | US      | |
| Toronto       |  ON   | Canada  | |
|_________________________________|V| <-- bottom arrow of the scroll

Only the first column is related to the input box. (like an option text)
There could be a hidden column for the value (like an option value).

Yan Morin

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