[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 - File Upload Progress?

Christopher Cook christopher.cook at webprofusion.com
Tue Dec 14 01:11:18 PST 2004


Regarding the web foms extensions to file uploads - when a file upload in progress it would be extremely useful to have a dom accessible value representing either the percentage of the total file(s) size transferred, or the number of bytes of the file uploaded and the total bytes to be transferred. This would allow the developer to display feedback as to how much longer the user is likely to have to wait - (imagine uploading a 46MB movie file and wondering if the site is actually working or if that icon is just going to keep spinning for the next 4 days..) something that can only currently be achieved (to my knowledge) by using server side components to track upload progress and continuously requesting that information at the client side. 

I suppose this could either be present at the form submission level or as part of the file form element? It wouldn't have to be accurate to the nearest byte transferred, it would only serve as a means to inform the user of overall progress.

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