[whatwg] Save a web page

Anne van Kesteren (fora) fora at annevankesteren.nl
Thu Jul 1 08:14:58 PDT 2004

> Every browser has a save page as command, however last time I looked
> at opera and safari, they just save the original source, with DOM and
> even more with WF2, the content is a lot more dynamic, and saving the
> source won't do. Mozilla does try to save the current content, but has
> bugs on it. It also does not save what you typed into the text fields.
> They should fix this regardless of WF2.
> However, bug fix is not sufficient because we have Javascript
> variables that may have changed.
> If we have a onSave event, then the application can move these
> variables to some place where it will be saved when the web page is
> actually being saved.

I think this is outside the scope of this specification. Whether or not 
a browser will let you save a page is up to the browser vendor, how they 
support is up to them as well.

  Anne van Kesteren

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