[whatwg] Time to move Web Forms 2.0 to the next phase?

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 8 04:48:00 PDT 2004

Jim Ley wrote:
> Matthew Raymond wrote:
>>   Looking at the most recent draft of Web Forms 2.0, it appears to me
>>that we are ready to move into developing a test suite and that all
>>major issues with the draft have been addressed. I'm not entirely
>>certain, however, if the majority of the mailing list feels the same.
>>Are we ready to shift gears and start developing the test suite? If so
>>should we start serious discussions on the content of Web Apps 1.0? If
>>we're not ready yet, what issues do we still have to work on?

> I think it's premature,

> the call for comments only went out 10 days ago,

    Is there a typical time period for a call for comments to last? How
long do various standards organizations wait?

> I think it needs to last at least 2 weeks,

    That's just four more days...or are you referring to two weeks from
now? Neither would really bother me. I've already spotted a few minor
changes that need to be made after posting the original message in this

    Still, it seems like the conversation on Web Forms 2.0 has slowed
down enough that perhaps we should start seriously talking about other
things like Web Apps 1.0 use cases and examples for a WF2 test suite. I
guess the real question is when is it too early to start talking about
these things.

> even I've not found the time to re-read the full draft,
> and I'm involved in the process,

> I'm sure other people are likely the same.

    May want to read the latest draft sooner than later. There were
several question about <datalist> I had for Ian that were answered in
that draft alone.

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