[whatwg] Time to move Web Forms 2.0 to the next phase?

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Fri Jul 9 08:49:39 PDT 2004

Matthew Raymond wrote:
> Jim Ley wrote:
>> Matthew Raymond wrote:
>>>   Looking at the most recent draft of Web Forms 2.0, it appears to me
>>> that we are ready to move into developing a test suite and that all
>>> major issues with the draft have been addressed. I'm not entirely
>>> certain, however, if the majority of the mailing list feels the same.
>>> Are we ready to shift gears and start developing the test suite? If so
>>> should we start serious discussions on the content of Web Apps 1.0? If
>>> we're not ready yet, what issues do we still have to work on?
>> I think it's premature,
>> the call for comments only went out 10 days ago,
>    Is there a typical time period for a call for comments to last? How
> long do various standards organizations wait?

The W3C requires first sending out a Last Call for Comments,
and the minimum review period for that is three weeks.


>    Still, it seems like the conversation on Web Forms 2.0 has slowed
> down enough 

I can't say I agree, but then, I've been trawling through some
700-odd messages over the past two days trying to catch up, so
my perception might be a bit skewed.

>> even I've not found the time to re-read the full draft,
>> and I'm involved in the process, 
>> I'm sure other people are likely the same.

I'd agree with Jim here. There have been major changes to the
spec in the past two weeks, and not everyone has all day to
devote to WHAT.



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