[whatwg] internationalization/localization

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Thu Jul 8 16:14:52 PDT 2004

 >>>> Ian Hickson wrote:
 >>>>> The second issue is localisation of data formats.
Jim Ley wrote:
> How do you identify the format the user wants?  Is it purely on OS
> settings, are users happy with this happening - I know I'd definately
> _not_ want such formatting to happen - I'd like what I entered
> submitted, but I realise I may not be "normal"
personally, when offered "A or B" i usually answer "both please!". so, 
i'd like the o/s to do all the hard work but i also want to be able to 
override it's settings (e.g. forcing entry in dollars).
> Dean Edwards wrote:
>>this is a common requirement for web applications 
Jim Ley wrote:
> Could you show me a site that does this - since it's possible (indeed
> trivial) with javascript I assume if it is a common requirement sites
> would already be doing it.  I've never had it even suggested let alone
> spec'd.
it might be a common requirement but i can't provide an example (apart 
from some corporate intranets i've worked on). this is because, despite 
your claims, it is not trivial to do with javascript. we are talking 
about displaying one value and submitting another separate value. HTML 
has only one "value" attribute. therefore we need to format the data 
after entry and then "unformat" just before we submit. this is certainly 
not trivial and most web developers will shy away from what is only a 
cosmetic enhancement.

consider microsoft excel. there is a big gap between o/s enhanced data 
entry systems and those deployed over the web.


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