[whatwg] Comment on Forms 2.0: OPTGROUP Nesting

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Mon Jul 12 07:39:38 PDT 2004

I read the posts in this mailing list asking for nested <optgroup>s, and
read lots of other documents on the matter.

The legacy user agent problem is that this:

    <option> 1 </option>
    <optgroup label="A">
     <option> A.1 </option>
     <optgroup label="A.B">
      <option> A.B.1 </option>
     <option> A.2 </option>
    <option> 2 </option>

...renders as:

   A.2           <-------

Note how the "A.2" line is not indented.

In fact, in IE, the <optgroup>s don't work at all unless you include the
(optional) </option> tags.


But I guess that's a relatively minor point, so I'll put nested
<optgroup>s back into the spec, and we can get implementation experience
to tell us (a) if it can't be implemented (e.g. no widgets to support it)
and (b) if it causes any problems on existing pages.

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