[whatwg] Comment on Forms 2.0: OPTGROUP Nesting

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 6 02:17:29 PDT 2004

levik wrote:
> I'm not quite sure what the current behavior is as far as optgroups
> are concerned... I am guessing the optgroup labels are either "read"
> aloud, or skipped altogether. either way, nested groups would work the
> same way. newer readers could announce an optgroup by its label as a
> special choice leading to a sub-selection of choices.

    Yeah, I don't see what the problem is either. Existing vendors could 
just extend their current approach to <optgroup> elements.

    Heck, I myself could right a script that looks for an <optgroup> 
within an <optgroup> then takes it's children and puts them in the 
parent <optgroup>, inserting spaces for indentation in the <option> 
elements. You then just insert a disabled <option> to take the place of 
the <optgroup> in the menu. Only thing you don't get is bold text, and 
that you might be able to solve with styling.

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