[whatwg] Re: Canvas tag

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Tue Jul 13 07:06:59 PDT 2004

Erik Arvidsson writes:
> I've heard in several places that Apple (David Hyatt) has submitted the 
> canvas tag to WHATWG. I haven't seen this mentioned here I haven't been 
> able to find any reference material for the proposed canvas tag.

There's not been any discussion of <canvas> yet, though there has been on 
<input type=range>. What David said on his weblog was: 

"We are willing to discuss these elements in an open forum like the WHAT-WG. 
You can see our proposal for canvas and for the new form controls, since we 
released the complete source of these extensions in WebCore-146, and anyone 
can download it to view the current APIs." 

I imagine that if you can get hold of 'WebCore-146' (whatever that is), 
you'll be able to find what you're looking for. 

It is entirely possible, of course, that David has 'submitted' <canvas> 
privately to the WHATWG members (of which he's one himself, as it happens), 
but I'd suggest that that is pretty unlikely. 


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