[whatwg] Suggested changes to Web Forms 2.0, 2004-07-01 working

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Sun Jul 18 14:18:29 PDT 2004

Erik Arvidsson wrote:

> Matthew Raymond wrote:
>> Jim Ley wrote:
>> [Snip.]
>>> Why are HTC's the only solution?
> I think I can answer this.
> Behaviors do not require trusted ActiveX permissions. Even if you 
> disable ActiveX in IE behaviors will work. You'll have to disable 
> ActiveScripting (JScript/VBScript) to disable behaviors. You can also 
> use a user style sheet to disable behaviors.
> Behaviors are not the only solution but they have one important feature 
> that is hard to achieve efficiently without using behaviors and that is 
> that the element is can be initialized when it is started..

object initialisation is not the only thing that HTCs provide. they also 
allow the provision of custom events. HTCs are the only way (that i know 
of) where you can fire custom events which will then be picked up by 
attached handlers. without this the "invalid" event would not be fully 
supportable, although you can still use directly assigned event handlers:
element.oninvalid = somefunction;

sorry for not answering this sooner i've been out of action for a week 
with a bug (the biological kind).


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