[whatwg] drop the 'www' subdomain on whatwg.org

Christian Schmidt whatwg.org at chsc.dk
Tue Jul 20 04:35:40 PDT 2004

Lachlan Hunt skrev:
> Class B requires redirect, so that's more time wasted sending another
> request for anyone that types the www.  I guess the argument is the
> same as for always including the trailing slash when linking to
> directories — it reduces network traffic.
Class B may actually reduce network traffic. It ensures that everybody
accesses the site using the same hostname. This may increase caching.

For example, if one person on this lists refers to
http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-forms/current-work/ and another refers
to http://whatwg.org/specs/web-forms/current-work/, users will have to
retrieve the page twice.

If all requests are redirected to the "official" hostname, most people
will probably use that when linking to the site. So the redirect will
only occur when people try to "guess" the URL.

If a site uses cookies, it will sometimes make life easier for the 
developer that the site is accessible on only one hostname. And one 
could argue that for the sake of marketing and branding, one hostname is 
preferable. But this is getting off-topic.

> Why bother going to the effort to change it to a class B or C, when
> it works perfectly well without doing anything, and causes more
> problems by doing so?
I don't think changing to Class B will cause any problems. It may 
increase network traffic slightly, but I am fairly sure it will 
/decrease/ it. Whether it is worth the effort is up to the server 
administrator to decide.


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