[whatwg] Re: File Upload Control

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Thu Jul 22 10:12:31 PDT 2004

Smith, Rolland writes:
> CSS application to textboxes - I have applied size and display styles
> with CSS many times to textboxes. Perhaps I'm not understanding what you
> are telling me when you say that text boxes aren't stylable?

*per spec* (and that's the important part), text boxes and file upload 
controls are just as stylable as each other: i.e., not at all. 

That was my point, essentially, since you seemed to be asking for the spec 
to be updated so that file upload controls were 'just as stylable as text 
boxes', so I was pointing out that, if you follow the spec, they are, in a 
fashion (hence the smiley). (I've just re-read your original message, and it 
looks like you weren't quite saying exactly that, so I apologise for the 
confusion in the meantime). 

In practice, many of the common styles can be quite happily applied to most 
of the form controls, and they work exactly as you'd expect, and generally 
in an interoperable fashion (with a few oddities, IIRC, for example, whether 
'border' provides an extra border or changes a UA-provided border, and so 
on). However, there's no spec yet that defines what the expected behaviour 
should be. 


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