[whatwg] a few comments to Webforms 2.0 Call For Comments

Mikko Rantalainen mira at st.jyu.fi
Fri Jul 30 04:35:57 PDT 2004

Olav Junker Kjær wrote:
> Matthew Raymond wrote:
>>>If a range is implemented with a slider control, what happens if no 
>>>initial value is specified? 
>>   Perhaps it should either be zero or the closest value to zero within 
>>the range.
> Sensible, but wouldnt it be illegal for the control to automatically chose
> a value when none is supplied in the html?

But if there's a distinction between undefined and "zero" or 
"initial" then the UI should also provide a method to return a 
single control to that value. We have the same issue with radio 
button groups where it's possible to have none selected at the start 
but UI has no method to restore that state once one of the radio 
button controls has been toggled.

I think that every control should have some defined value always 
(even if that value *means* undefined) and UI should allow user to 
return a control to that state even after there was some other value 
in between.


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