[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Didier PH Martin martind at netfolder.com
Mon Jun 7 07:01:47 PDT 2004



Having now done several rich internet applications I discovered that form
the practical point of view something like the CSS behavior as proposed by
Microsoft can help develop and implement most of the requirements specified
in your document about web applications. Here are the benefits:

a)       Custom controls can be implemented from HTML/XHTML elements by
adding new behavior to the element set.

b)       Can be overloaded at run time or the component behavior can exist
outside the HTML/XHTML document.

c)       Clear separation of the structural declaration and the imperative
definition of behavior.

d)       Extensible

e)       Could lead to a business model if source code access can be
controlled. A new market of external widget makers can be created if their
asset can be protected. We saw such market happening with powerbuilder,
visual basicm etc.

f)         Clear separation of the visual structure from the behavior.



Didier PH Martin



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