[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Mon Jun 7 07:32:56 PDT 2004

Didier PH Martin wrote:
 > Having now done several rich internet applications I discovered that
 > form the practical point of view something like the CSS behavior as
 > proposed by Microsoft can help develop and implement most of the
 > requirements specified in your document about web applications. Here are
 > the benefits:

i believe it is already the intention of this group to implement the 
intended extensions using behavioral technology on a microsoft platform.

there are some implementation issues with dhtml behaviors.

* path problems
URLs of behaviors are *always* relative to the containing (x)html page 
not the CSS file. very annoying.

* server problems
some server configurations mangle HTC files. also annoying but can 
usually be fixed.

* caching
not sure how explorer caches behaviors. but i'm sure it's not pretty.

* memory leaks
i've been assured that behaviors leak memory. apparently *all* explorer 
apps leak memory (due to poor js model)

* crashes
yep. behaviors crash the browser like nothing else. this is most common 
in testing phases (see caching above). from what i know this affects 
particular builds of explorer more than others.

other than that i can only agree that behaviors are the way to go!

hope that the group finds this information useful (and not too depressing).

dean edwards

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