[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Tue Jun 8 12:17:51 PDT 2004

Brad Neuberg wrote:

> One possibility might be to transform the web app specs on the 
> serverside into something that IE 6 can run, rather than attempt to 
> create an emulation layer on the client side, which could be buggy and 
> slow.  We could release opensource modules that do this for many of the 
> popular server side systems, such as a set of JSP taglibs for JSP, tags 
> for PHP, etc.  We could also release a good set of unit tests to ensure 
> that what is generated is consistent across the different implementations.

hi brad,

this is why i asked the original question: "what technologies are 
involved?". really the question should have been "how much additional 
technology may we introduce to support the spec?"
this is a real question. to me there are two paths:

1) do everything in the client
pros: simple installation of web forms (plug & play)
cons: performance in the client is degraded (is this a bad thing? we are 
talking about explorer)

2) introduce server-side solutions (xsl, jsp etc)
pros & cons: the reverse of the above
another con, do we want to say:
"to implement web forms 2 you will need php version 4.x...?"

another important question: how much of the spec do we expect explorer 
to adhere to? does it need to be total? should we define an acceptable 
subset? i'm thinking especially of the CSS extensions.


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