[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Didier PH Martin martind at netfolder.com
Wed Jun 9 13:23:35 PDT 2004

Hi Ian,

> I'm not sure about the menu bar one. On MacOSX, the menu bar must go at
> the top of the window, and on Windows it must go at the top of the Window.
> But in both cases, there is already a menu there -- the browser's menu,
> which must be there to give the user control over the UA.

Do you mean merging the existing menu with my app menu like for instance it
is the case for active documents? Otherwise are you suggesting that my apps
can display only toolbars? What if I have a lot of functions, menu bars are
more efficient to chunk large set of function than toolbars.

> The status bar is another one where it's not really clear exactly what is
> needed. UAs already have status bars, which you can access from
> window.status, but many users disable this these days.

True, but this is OK if they say they do not want the status bar. So remove
the status bar from the list we already have one (I forgot it, sorry)

Didier PH Martin

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