[whatwg] Why not JavaScript?

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Wed Jun 9 16:01:33 PDT 2004

On Jun 9, 2004, at 12:30 PM, Didier PH Martin wrote:

>> ...XHTML...
> I meant here more a language to express a domain model like xmlfx, rdf,
> etc... more data than document. Even for document, I meant more stuff 
> like
> ATA2100 etc...

On Jun 9, 2004, at 3:33 PM, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

>  Can somebody please explain why we need a new language?

I realize this list is meant to be for open discussion, but I'm 
beginning to wonder whether the scope of discussion is too wide.  I 
personally think Ian's proposals are the most sensible things that have 
been said in this domain for a long time, and I was looking forward to 
helping to refine them and use them as a base for moving forward. But 
the discussion so far has largely been more WHY than WHAT - it's been 
an exploration of the greater problem space that the WHAT proposals are 
an answer to, rather than the particular solutions that they propose.  
Those are great discussions to have, but I do wonder whether there 
might either be a more appropriate forum in which to have them, or a 
narrower alternate forum for those of us that come to the table already 
agreeing with Ian's basic approach.


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