[whatwg] Suggestion for a Specification: XUL Basic

Matthew Raymond spacedog at planetquake.com
Wed Jun 9 19:24:42 PDT 2004

R.J. Keller wrote:
> how about adding <tree> (and all related tags) to this list. I feel that 
> its functionality would be about as useful as <tabbox>.

    It's possible. My objective was to pick XUL elements that were 
supported by at least two of the three XUL motors I mentioned (Luxor, 
Zulu and XML2UI), with the only exceptions being for tags that implement 
functionality that exists in HTML forms. The tree element would most 
certainly be useful, but it didn't fall into that category.

    I suppose a good argument could be made for it though. The trouble 
is defining where we stop. For instance, we could add groupbox. It's 
supported by Luxor, which is the only of the three motors that also 
supports tree. Furthermore, groupbox is equivalent to a frame, which are 
quite common in Windows applications.

    To be honest, you wouldn't have to twist my arm very hard to get me 
to put either of them into the "Keymaster" subset. I'm just concerned 
we're on a slippery slope. If we add too many XUL elements, we might as 
well just call it "XUL 1.1".

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