[whatwg] Re: date/time types

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Fri Jun 11 10:15:12 PDT 2004

oops! now on list.

Malcolm Rowe wrote:
> Dean Edwards writes:
>> would it be useful to extend the "precision" attribute to cover
>> dates/times? this might eliminate the need for some of the extra
>> input types. but it *is* precision.
> Right, but it's a different type of 'precision' than the 'precision'
>  used for numbers. How would you process <input type="date"
> precision="3dp"> or <input type="number" precision="month">? What
> happens if you change the value of the 'type' attribute via the DOM?
> How do you specify the valid values for 'precision' in a DTD? With
> two separate precision attributes, you don't have these problems. 
> Maybe it's no big deal, but that's what I was talking about, anyway. 
> (shouldn't this be on-list, btw?) Regards, Malcolm

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